PART I – EN ROUTE TO THE CANADIAN ROOKIES   International anniversary trips are kind of our thing. They are something we plan, save and look forward to all year long and this June was no exception. The Canadian Rockies have been on our radar for a couple years now and our current proximity made […]


Living the Twilight Dream!

For those of you who knew me during my senior year of college you’re aware that I read the Twilight Saga. And by “read,” I mean I developed an unhealthy obsession appreciation of Stephenie Meyer’s world of porcelain vampires and monstrous werewolves. I know what thought is currently running through your mind – wow – and I […]

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Daytrip to Norway

It’s worth mentioning that when it comes to Norway I am obsessed. For our third anniversary Jarred and I visited the majestic country and I haven’t stopped daydreaming about the scenery or the vaffels [translation: waffles] since. If you happen to be in the market for your next vacation destination – do yourself a favor […]

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Witts in Whistler

The road trip to Canada had been the highlight of our winter calendars since its conception several months prior. Our Airbnb was booked, the podcast for the journey selected and all travel companions were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Presidents’ Day Weekend to commence the epic ski vacation. Nothing could stop us now – or […]

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An Unforgettable Valentine’s Day

  If you’re assuming that our celebration will forever be remembered based on the day unfolding in a picturesque, movie-worthy manner – you would be severely mistaken.     To preface, you should know that I LOVE everything about Valentine’s Day. It is arguably one of my favorite holidays and celebrating the day is nonnegotiable. […]

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Shucking Ain’t Easy

I think oysters are one of those cuisines categorized by either love or hate; there’s no in between when it comes to these slimy delicacies. While I’ll admit their unappetizing appearance leaves much to be desired, for Jarred and I our affinity for these mollusks runs deep. We bravely [or stupidly] consumed our fair share […]

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Wednesday with Randy

It’s no secret that Jarred and I frequent a local coffee shop close to our apartment on occasion. Positioned along our route sits The Show Box – an entertainment hot spot normally featuring, shall we say, an eclectic variety of talent. I’m sure Rebel Souljahz, Big Boi, Dude York, Disturbed and BadBadNotGood (to name a […]

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Our Residency Saga

When Jarred and I first moved we naively assumed we’d jump through all necessary hoops to achieve legal residency within a relatively short period of time. Based on our previous experience even a “slow” day at the tag agency back home would not monopolize more than one afternoon. Let it also be stated that one […]

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A New Orleans’ New Year

Jarred and I were fortunate enough to spend eleven days in Oklahoma seeing family, friends (although not as many as we would have liked) and our precious foster babe. As is the reoccurring theme with most of our trips home, a considerable amount of driving was involved as we road tripped between Oklahoma City, Amarillo, […]

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